Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast

Christmas Special - Fleshy Rolling Pin, Meet The Christmas Rolling Pin

December 22, 2020

Welcome to a special Christmas bonus episode of Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast!

This episode is also available to watch on Youtube here;

Disabled comics Jack Carroll & Pete Selwood are joined by token able bodied comic Chris Copestake to look at the lighter side of life with a disability, this week jingling their balls and stuffing their birds to get into the festive spirit.

We find out what disability-themed Christmas gifts Chris buys for the Pete and Jack, why Jack eating mince pies is one of the most disgusting sounds you'll ever hear, and why Jack's mum might have got off lightly when giving birth to him.

You can get in touch with the show by e-mailing or by contacting the guys on twitter; Jack Carroll @fatjacko , Pete Selwood @peter_selwood , Chris Copestake @chriscopestake


Production by Chris Copestake & Dan Crowther, Squid Audio (

Original artwork by Emily Haigh

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