Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast

#4 Bob In Durham Needs A “Hand Shandy”

December 8, 2020

Roll up roll up for Episode 4 of Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast!

Disabled comics Jack Carroll & Pete Selwood are joined by token able bodied comic Chris Copestake to look at the lighter side of life with a disability, this week trying to make sense of jobs and employment.

Pete tells how he got sacked from his first job as a paperboy, Jack shocks Pete by revealing he can in fact feel his legs, and the boys reveal where Jack placed in the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100. 

You can get in touch with the show by e-mailing or by contacting the guys on twitter; Jack Carroll @fatjacko , Pete Selwood @peter_selwood , Chris Copestake @chriscopestake


Production by Chris Copestake & Dan Crowther, Squid Audio (

Artwork by Emily Haigh

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