Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast

#7 I Came Second, Like You Will Be Later Love

January 12, 2021

Impaired: A Comedy Disability Podcast has reached Episode 7, who'd have thought it!

Disabled comics Jack Carroll & Pete Selwood are joined by token able bodied comic Chris Copestake to look at the lighter side of life with a disability, this week talking about the joys of a night out! 

We find out which Huddersfield based nightclub thought Jack was too much of a fire hazard to let in, how Pete has a huge disadvantage at drinking games, and why to Jack, every dance is a lap dance. 

You can get in touch with the show by e-mailing or by contacting the guys on twitter; Jack Carroll @fatjacko , Pete Selwood @peter_selwood , Chris Copestake @chriscopestake


Production by Chris Copestake & Dan Crowther, Squid Audio (

Artwork by Emily Haigh

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